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It aims to explore narratives of transformation.

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The Opening, 2021

Text, sound, code, image: Toni Brell
Copyediting: Aidan Wall
Typeface: Ambiant Sans by Laura Csocsan
Thank you for your support and relentlessly testing this website:
Izaak Branderhorst, Annina Brell, Romy Day Winkel


This project is supported by the Student Council of Rietveld & Sandberg

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You peel off your name—it has been feeling itchy for a while—and put on a new one that feels better. What is your new name?

. Nice to meet you. 

The other side is vast and calm. There’s grass as far as the eye can see. Wind is blowing over the wide open. You have no idea where you are. What are you hoping to find?